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Bring Joy To A Nurse Today!

Fellow American...

It's time to step up for our Nurses and show our support!
In this present time of pandemic in our country and around the world, we would like to thank them by spreading much needed love their way.
Our Nurses do so much to comfort, heal, and save us, it’s time to give back! With your support, we will put together gift boxes to deliver to our Nurses in every American city. Please consider joining us by adopting a nurse today.
When you Adopt a Nurse we will send a special gift box to a nurse near you, along with a thank you card, kid’s drawings, and the like.
Come on America, Let’s DO THIS!

Adopt an Nurse

When you Adopt a Nurse today, one of our nations great heroes will receive a gift box packed full of items to remind them that they are appreciated. The items they receive will be used in their day to day life to constantly serve as a daily reminder of your support.

Make your contribution to back our heroes by adopting a Nurse today.

What's in the box?


  • Custom Cup/Mug
  • T-Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Framed Art Print
  • Canvas Art Print
  • Etched Mirror
  • Candy Jar (sealed candy)
  • Snacks (sealed snacks)
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers
  • Notes/Art from Children
  • Thank You Cards

And More...


Value of gift box exceeds cost.

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Adopt a Nurse is a branch of Adopt America LLC.